For use in all diesel engines to improve fuel quality in accordance with DIN EN 590 and RME. Also specially suited to catalytic converter, turbo and direct fuel injection systems.

  • Lasting elimination of all contamination which builds up in the entire diesel system during service - from the fuel tank to the combustion chambers
  • Removes gumming and agglutination in injector nozzles and pumps
  • Removes carburised deposits and soot build-up throughout the entire upper cylinder area
  • Prevents fuel oxidation
  • Improves fuel atomisation
  • Compensates for insufficient lubrication in low-sulphur diesel fuel
  • Dissolves low-temperature-based paraffin build-up




  • Clean, powerful combustion
  •  Immediate and significant reduction in smoke and soot
  •  Compliance with specified exhaust emissions limits in accordance with paragraphs 47a and 47b of Germany's Vehicle Registration Act
  •  Optimum cold-starting properties
  •  Improved engine performance
  •  Clearly noticeable fuel savings
  •  Extended service life of injector units
  •  Functional guarantee for extended catalytic converter service life





EUROSOL DIESEL-SYSTEM should be added to the fuel tank at each service interval specified by the manufacturer.


400 ml are sufficient for 150 litres of diesel fuel.


EUROSOL guarantees the highest product quality combined with a strict policy of taking environmental issues into consideration. EUROSOL products have been developed to meet the needs of today's modern technology.