Is applicable in all engines and aggregates with circulating water cooling systems. Suitable for grey cast iron and all-aluminium engines.

  • sustainably removes all operational residues from the cooling system
  • disintegrates rust and lime
  • removes and binds radiator sludge
  • binds oil and cooling water to a stable emulsion
  • lubricates and protects valves and water pumps during the cleaning process
  • services seals, rubber hoses and the metal components in the cooling system


  • optimal cooling and heat output
  • no generation of operational radiator sludge
  • improved durability of aggregates and power plants


Apply EUROSOL cooling-system-cleaner with all repairs and changes of cooling system fluids, required by the manufacturers, or after all incidents, when oil can access the cooling fluid. Add EUROSOL cooling-system-cleaner to the cooling system and run the engine to its operational temperature. Now turn off the engine and drain the complete cooling fluid.


Caution: System might be hot and under pressure and can cause serious burns.

Dispose the fluid as well as the container properly.


Treat extreme soiling, due to engine oil spills, by increasing dosage or repeat application. Allow EUROSOL cooling system to absorb over night on all extreme soiling due to rust and tartar pollutions.


350 ml are sufficient for 10 litres cooling system fill volume.


Accredited by the German Federal Environmental Authority number: 47090001